Monday, April 30, 2012

forever 21


Am I the only one who swoons whenever I walk into Forever 21 and see this white + gold wallpaper? It’s wonderful!

bargain shopping

I love this simple mug that I snatched at TJ Maxx. Very a la Leif’s Dipped Spice Set, but for a much happier price ($3)!

Makes me want to pour some tea and sit outside in the breeze for a while.

t-rex trying

T-Rex Trying is series by Hugh Murphy that’s sure to give you a few giggles. “T-Rex Trying To Do a Cartwheel” is by far my favorite though. You can even get this cute guy on a t-shirt!

kids @ katzen

A couple weeks ago I received an last-minute opportunity to photograph Kids @ Katzen, a mini art camp at the Katzen Arts Center in DC. What a fun event! Check out some of these budding artists:

diy: scarf

So I know these cut t-shirt scarves are all over the internet, but here’s my version. I love it! Such a quick, easy DIY.

I used this tutorial from Mr. Kate.


A great fireplace is a must in my future home! There's just something so comforting about sitting and being toasty warm that allows the stress to just melt away. Just add some hot apple cider and a good book! Here's some fireplaces that I just can't get enough of:

source unknown

So many different designs! Which is your favorite? And what's one thing you'd never give up in a house?


I've always, always, always loved design blogs, so I figured, why not have one of my own? I'll post pictures, links, and general inspiration I find in my daily online wanderings. Maybe you'll like some things too!

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